• Verktyp: Röst och andra instrument
  • Uruppförande: 2009, Soundings Festival, Edinburgh, UK
  • Speltid: 10 min


Röst och live elektronik

Beskrivning av verket

Live stycke för röst och elektronik




Organ Donor is a live performance for voice and electronics. It is based on a recording of an organ improvisation by the Lithuanian composer Arturas Bumsteinas which he gave to me in late in 2009. The recording is analysed in real time during the performance. The analysis is used to generate related sounds, but also to determine aspects of the play-back of the recording, which then in turn of course affects the analysis... And so on, in a feedback loop of information. But the performer is also determining aspects of the sound, by interefering with pitch, filtering and mixing the original organ recording and the generated sounds. The improvised voice performance is very much inspired by the original instructions given to me by Arturas for a completely different piece of his (Ikea Organ, released in 2010 on Arturas' Heap of Language album).

The piece was premiered at Fylkingen, Stockholm, in February 2010 and has since been performed a few more times in Sweden and Finland. It was released on the compilation EM1016 – XTRA HÖGTALARE released by Elektron Records in late 2012.