• Tillkomstår: 1899
  • Verktyp: Röst och piano
  • Textförfattare: Thomas Moore
  • Speltid: Ca. 1-5 min

Exempel på tryckta utgåvor

Samlade sånger. FST 1949.

  • Autografen återfinns: Musik- och teaterbiblioteket

Beskrivning av verket

Andantino C-dur 2/4, 37 takter (10/:25:/2)


Good night! Good night! and is it so? And must I from my Rosa go? Oh, Rosa, say "Good night" once more, and I'll repeat it o'er and o'er, till the first glance of dawning light shall find us saying still "Good night! Good night! Good night".

And still "Good night!" my Rosa say, but whisper still: "A minute stay"; and I will stay, and every minute shall have an age of rapture in it. We'll kiss and kiss in quick delight and murmur, while we kiss, "Good night! Good night! Good night!"

"Good night!" you'll murmur with a sigh and tell me it is time to fly. And I will vow to kiss no more, yet kiss you closer than before, till slumber seal our weary sight, and then, my love! my soul! "Good night! Good night! Good night!"