• Tillkomstår: 2003-2004
  • Verktyp: 6 instrument
  • Uruppförande: 19 oktober 2004 på Het Cenakel, Tilburg
  • Speltid: 40 min

Instrumentering (besättning)

a-sax, bar-sax, tbn, perc, pno, electric bass

Exempel på tryckta utgåvor

BabelScores, Paris 2016

Beskrivning av verket

Ensatsigt verk


When I was asked to write a piece for ensemble Klang, I was told: "You can make the piece as long as you wish". There are two ways to respond to being told that: Either to make a very short piece or a very long one. I chose the latter option.

A triathlon is an athletic contest comprising three consecutive events. My piece, likewise, is divided into three parts. Each of these parts is divided into three smaller parts, each of which is, in turn, divided into three even smaller parts – and so on, down to the level of individual eighth notes. The music is thus progressing at several (nine, in fact) different speeds, and could be said to be in the form of a Russian doll. The three cymbals play a special role in the piece: Initially, they articulate the slowest speed, but as the piece continues, they successively move on to the faster ones. Thus a directional process is created in an otherwise non-developmental music.

A triathlon is of course above all an endurance test, and endurance is indeed put to test here. Bass player Pete Harden described the piece as "someone running too fast for too long". I find this a rather accurate description.