Fabian Svensson (1980-)

Melodica Madness

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  • Tillkomstår: 2004
  • Verktyp: Kammarensemble (7 eller fler instrument)
  • Uruppförande: 7 juni 2005 i Musikhögskolan, Stockholm. Mikael Gillefalk, Magnus Andersson, Catarina Forss, Hanna Gustafsson, Weiwei Jin, Malene Bay-Landin, Fabian Svensson, Bolla Henriksson, Fredrik Gran och Mikael Nilsson. Dirigent: Jayce Ogren
  • Speltid: 15 min

Instrumentering (besättning)

8 melodicas, hi-hat, unspecified bass instrument

Exempel på tryckta utgåvor

Svensk Musik, Stockholm 2006

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The instruments that interest me most are those free from the burden of romantic tradition. Among these, I'm especially attracted to the melodica, an instrument I'm regularly playing myself. After having written two brief works for the instrument, a solo piece and a duo, I felt that the next logical step was to create a more large-scale work, both in terms of duration and ensemble size. This wish resulted in a tightly structured fifteen minute piece for eight amplified melodicas, bass instrument (unspecified) and hi-hat, characterized by high energy and relentless rhythmic drive. Though taxing to play, it is above all a joyful and optimistic piece.